Book Lovers

by Emily Henry

Literary agent Nora has been lured
away from her workaholic world into a
vacation with her sister, Libby. There is
a long list of things Libby wants them to
do together. But at their small town
destination, Nora keeps bumping into a
surprise: it’s Charlie, a New York editor
she has unpleasantly tangled with before.
Will the “sister vacation” now be ruined?
Will her confrontations with Charlie turn
into something else?

The Diamond Eye

by Kate Quinn

Kiev was a very different place in
WWII when Ukrainians fought with
the Russian army to expel German Nazis
from Eastern Europe. Student and
historian Lyudmila Pavlichenko was one
of those Ukrainians and became a
famous military sniper for the Russians. This
novel imagines her life in service and very
real efforts to encourage the U.S. and
FDR to enter the war, while she privately
dealt with an estranged husband and her
deeply loved teenage son.

Sea of Tranquility

by Emily St. John Mandel

There is a woodland in Canada where
some who enter may experience a flash
of darkness, notes from a violin, an
unexpected loud noise, a disruption in
time. What has caused this anomaly,
and how does it interconnect the lives of
four individuals who have encountered
it across four centuries? A beautifully
written look at the nature of truth,
reality, morality, and the impact of
human choices.

From Strength to Strength

by Arthur C. Brooks

It’s not unusual for people in middle
age to find their careers beginning to
decline. The author proposes that one
can change this trajectory by using
knowledge already accumulated over time
to engage in new activities, eliminate old
wants and desires that do not really
create happiness, and redefine the
concept of success. This helps to create
new goals, such as nourishing stronger
long-term relationships.

The Wok

by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

For the restaurant takeout you
already love to eat and a lot of new
recipes to try, here are the special
techniques that make it all a success.
Directions also show how to select,
season, and maintain a wok and utensils.  There are lots of pictures and step-by-step instructions for preparation of wok and non-wok dishes, and detailed explanations of how to incorporate different Asian sauces into your cooking.

How to Be Perfect

by Michael Schur

In his humorous guide to living a more ethical life, the author looks at daily activities through the lenses of contradictory philosophical views. And since perfection is impossible, he considers the moral exhaustion that can grow from over-analyzing every decision, such as that shopping cart quandary.  Schur approaches all of this with the same amusement found in his hit series, Parks and Recreation, while also offering insight into ways to strive for a happier, and maybe better you.