Beautiful World, Where Are You

by Sally Rooney

Two best friends in their late twenties are struggling with their sexual and romantic interests, friendships, and the many social and political upheavals that surround them. They each share their thoughts and feelings mainly through a series of emails, revealing their longings for a connection to something or someone that will validate and give their lives meaning. A deeply sensual and emotional novel.

Rock Paper Scissors

by Alice Feeney

After ten years together, Adam and Amelia realize that their marriage is in trouble. So, despite a snowstorm, they decide it might help to take a weekend trip together, and bring their dog along. The destination is an old converted chapel with a history of persecuting witches. As the building begins to lose electricity and phones, they realize someone is watching them. But is one of them causing the phenomena? Or is the watcher after them?

Apples Never Fall

by Liane Moriarty

Joy and Stan have sold the family tennis business, but retirement is an emotional strain. All of the four adult children are busy with their own lives—and problems. One night, a stranger comes to the door asking for help, and what began as a random visit turns into Savannah becoming the couple’s live-in helper. Then Joy abruptly disappears. And Savannah also cannot be found. Are they dead? The police suspect Stan, and the children don’t know.

The Master

by Christopher Clarey

Ardent fans have thrilled to Roger Federer’s skill and versatility for more than two decades. Now, NY Times tennis writer Christopher Clarey draws from his years of interviews with the Swiss star, and with Federer’s many on-court rivals, to analyze what led to such extraordinary success.  Clarey also offers insight into the business skills and deals that have provided Federer with wealth and enabled him to become a leading international philanthropist.

The Family Firm

by Emily Oster

This guide offers steps and data on making informed parenting decisions with elementary school kids based on your family priorities. Knowing how to frame decisions, fact-find, finalize a decision, and then follow up can assist with a broad range of issues, such as nutrition and sleep, social media, cell phones, and even picking schools and extracurricular activities. Decisions won’t be the same for every family, so this helps find the right ones for yours.


by Anderson Cooper

Originally immigrants from 1650s Netherlands, the Vanderbilts made their fortune during the Gilded Age. But only a century later most of it was already gone, lost to rivalries, mismanagement, and scandalous extravagance. Their individual stories of grand success and pained struggle come to life in this well-researched book, told with empathy and candor by Mr. Cooper, a descendant and broadcast journalist.