The Omega Factor

by Steve Berry

Nick arrives in Belgium to visit an
old friend but is suddenly faced with
murder and the destruction of an iconic
religious painting. As the UN Cultural
Liaison, he begins to investigate and is
pulled into a history of conflict
between an order of nuns and the
Vatican.  Determined to uncover their secrets,
Nick places his own life and also his
friend in serious jeopardy.

This Time Tomorrow

by Emma Straub

After falling asleep from drinking a
bit too much on her fortieth birthday, Alice
awakens to find she is sixteen again and back
in her childhood home with her father.
Instead of being near death, he is now in
the prime of life, and Alice wonders at
how little she understood him and
appreciated special aspects of their
relationship. Old friendships are also
renewed, with many choices to undo or

Summer at the Cape

by RaeAnne Thayne

The accidental drowning of twin
sister Lily at Cape Sanctuary on the
northern California coast brings the
women in her family back together to
grieve and deal with the business and
legal issues Lily left behind. During their
efforts to reconnect, each must confront
many old memories, fears, rivalries, and
the quest for a hopeful future together
and with the men in their lives.


by Alan Shipnuck

With LIV Saudi golf blazing in recent headlines, this timely biography offers insight into the controversial life of its star golfer. Before his PGA suspension, Mickelson won forty-five events, including three Masters and two PGA Championships. The author shares stories from the golfer’s family and friends, anecdotes from fellow golfers, and examines the well-publicized legal and gambling problems that have troubled him throughout his long career.

Killing the Killers

by Bill O’Reilly, Martin Dugard

Beginning with the successful raid against Osama bin Laden, the author describes the international pursuit of the many other terrorist threats that have followed. This includes the leadership of ISIS and Iranian terrorist actions, Africa’s Boko Haram, and the tragic strike at the airport during the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. Individual terror assaults are deconstructed in detail, with analysis of several provided from a conservative political viewpoint.

How to Tell a Story

by Meg Bowles

For twenty-five years The Moth has entertained and informed us via its storytelling events, podcasts, and radio shows. Now the organization’s staff guides readers through a variety of practical techniques they teach to new broadcast participants that help develop
a story from just an idea into a successful presentation to their program audience. Includes examples from past programs and advice on adapting methods to other venues.