The Searcher
Tana French

Hoping to escape all that was wrong with his former life, retired Chicago cop Cal Hooper settles into an old cottage in a rural Irish town. But then Cal hires a shy teenager to help with renovations, and ends up investigating the boy’s missing brother – no one else seems to care. This is a character driven mystery that develops some chilling twists. (464 pages)

Graphics for Grownups

The Handmaid’s Tale
Margaret Atwood, illus. Renee Nault

Nault’s rich and affecting portrayal of Margaret Atwood’s chilling classic reveals the women trying to survive in a near-future culture of biblical, patriarchal extremism. Stunning and vibrant artwork powerfully illuminates the society and the plight of its characters. (240 pages)


Modern Comfort Food
Ina Garten

The Barefoot Contessa is at it again, and just in time for the holidays. You’ll find everything from lobster stew and crab nachos, to corn polenta and a peach almond torte (not to mention the bourbon cream cheese frosting to smother whatever else is stashed in your fridge). It has straightforward instructions & yummy photos. (256 glorious pages)


Why We Can’t Sleep
Ada Calhoun

As the headlines cause so many worries lately, Calhoun uses personal stories and research to show how some other unique and underlying stressors are affecting today’s middle-age women, from weak job markets and physical changes, to caregiving for children and aging parents. Thoughtful and compassionate. (288 pages)

Current Events & History

The Sum of the People
Andrew Whitby

Headlines, court battles, canvassers threatened with violence – So, why all the fuss? Whitby looks at counting heads as a touchstone for our country’s future, and how the practice has influenced society, culture, and government from the beginnings of recorded time to our modern world. (368 pages)

Mystery & Suspense

The Invisible Life of Addie Larue

V. E. Schwab
Addie doesn’t know why Henry is the first person in 300 years who can remember her. It completely upends her deal with the devil for unlimited life free from obligations. But she needs to unravel this mystery, if Addie hopes to relieve the relentless loneliness of her endless journey. Beautifully written suspense. (448 pages)

Library Picks!

Save Me the Plums
Ruth Reichl

For big $$$ and the chance to run a premier magazine, Reichl jumped from acclaimed NYTimes food critic to Editor of Gourmet. What she learned about dicey publishing politics, characters behind the stories, and her magazine’s struggles to survive the Great Recession are unveiled in this charming, unpretentious memoir. (266 pages)

Library Picks!

The Midnight Library
by Matt Haig

Some physicists say there may be infinite numbers of universes. Would they also have diverse realities because of different choices, like stories in books on a library shelf? Nora suddenly finds she has a chance to explore those “”books”” and change any or all of her regrets. The question is, which will make her life worth living or even happy? This NY Times best seller is an enticing gentle read when you enter….(304 pp)

Book to Film

The Goldfinch

The Goldfinch
Donna Tartt

His mother killed in a museum terrorist explosion, young Theo escapes with a priceless painting and carries it into an adulthood of difficult relationships, addiction, and the criminal underground of the art world. A long, rich, and eloquent story of memorable characters and one life’s trajectory in the aftermath of trauma. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. (784 pages)

The Goldfinch
Warner Bros. Pictures

A beautifully filmed and lavish adaptation, starring Nicole Kidman and Ansel Elgort.
The film grossed $9.4 million worldwide. (149 minutes)

Books and their film versions often differ. Compare the book to the film, and find out which you like most – maybe both?