\ ˈrat-ˌpak \

noun slang : a close-knit group of people with common interests, who participate in various recreational activities together


Who  are  theratpack?

  • members of the Purchase Free Library’s teen advisory group
  • high schoolers completing community service requirements
  • students in grades seven through twelve working in cooperation with their peers to dream up fabulous library programs for teens living in Purchase and West Harrison
  • adolescents seeking to reduce and counterbalance all negative things in the world with their own unique brand of kindness and inner reflection — quiet rebels
  • Gen-Zers who: (a) observe, then: (b) think, then: (c) take action
  • teens who understand that real and phenomenal results come when you are “for” something, not “against”

So how do teenagers impact the world through libraries and literature?  There are no concrete answers — instead, you create the answers by finding like-minded teens and working together to generate results that are meaningful, long-lasting, and effective.  If this sounds like a journey worth taking, join theratpack today.